About us – Language College Whanganui

Language College Whanganui

Language College Whanganui is a newly established language school that introduces innovative approaches for students to develop their English skills. We strive to achieve a balance between theoretical and practical learning by allowing students to engage in genuine social and cultural exchanges in a unique environment.


Being located outside the metropolitan hubs Auckland and Wellington we are able to deliver high quality at a lower cost. We make use of this advantage by offering lower prices not only for tuition fees but also for the cost of accommodation. In addition, food prices are lower than in the hubs while a lot of touristic opportunities are still waiting at the doorstep.


We provide a variety of quality English courses, suitable for elementary, intermediate and advanced level. Courses can be specifically tailored to your individual needs to maximize effectiveness.

Learning Approach

Learning a language works best if you combine theory with practical application.
The knowledge gained is applicable. Our teaching is of high quality and not restricted to a class room. It can take place in town or outdoors if suitable.


As a Language school we are aiming to deliver superior value for money. Quality is defined by the progress the students make with their English skills. Experienced ESOL teachers with a rich cultural background allow for an effective learning process.

Location – The Whanganui Area

Whanganui is located on the North Island of New Zealand at the river mouth of the Whanganui river into the Tasman sea. Town and environment offer a lot of “pure New Zealand” experience.
As a consequence there are a lot of options to apply your language skills alone or together with new friends.
Language College Whanganui is located in a quiet side street in the central city.  Major attractions, eateries and supermarkets are in walking distance.

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