Enrolment LENZ


We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at LENZ. Here is a short description how the enrolment works:

  • First step of enrolment is to fill the following form providing some details of what you want. Information on terms and conditions as well as more details on insurance and visa requirements are provided in the information section of this page
  • We will send you an Email with the paperwork required. Contract Homestay application Insurance form

Next step is:

  • You send us back the filled and signed documents together with a passport copy
  • You do the payment
  • Flight booking ?

The last step is:

  • We will send you a confirmation required for your visa application
  •  You can apply for the visa now

First step is to share some information about you and what you want in the application form.
Fields marked with a * are required.

Current Level of English:1=Beginner 5=Advanced

Years of english studied*

Do you have a medical/travel insurance already?* YesNo